How to find love when you are over forty? When we look at dating sites, we are tempted to believe that these are primarily for young people, especially 20-35-year-olds. Would they be the only ones to have the right to find love? Of course not! More and more people find themselves alone after forty years because of a breakup, a divorce, or more dramatically a death. How can they also take advantage of this great tool that is the Internet to (re) build a sentimental life? One can also go through cougar dating site reviews. cougar dating site reviews

The quarantine, singles like the others?

Knowing a period of celibacy past midlife has become more and more common. Millions of men and women in France are concerned. If this is your case, know that it is not dramatic, and it is indeed not a situation that should prevent you from living. Often, the most difficult is the gaze of others. Some of your loved ones, even well-intentioned, may be clumsy in pointing out the (supposed) difficulty of finding love after a certain age. It is not these pessimistic words that must be listened to put an end to this situation. It is much more interesting to see that a considerable proportion of 40-year-olds are getting back together, thanks to the Internet.

On which sites should you go?

When they sign up for general dating sites like Meetic or eDarling, singles over 40 find out quickly that most members are younger than they are, or even much younger! They decide then to approach these members with the underlying idea that, despite their age, they have “still beautiful remains.” This is most often a mistake. To persist in this way can even become cruel enough for the ego. There are specific sites where the difference in age is an asset, but this is not the case in general.

The best is to focus on dating sites where the average age of the registered population is high, to increase your chances of meeting people of your generation. The best known of these is the German Parship origin site. Launched ten years ago in France, it has quickly established itself as the European reference for dating sites for 35 years and over. It operates on the principle of affinities, defined after completing a questionnaire. Relying more on the personalities than on the “promotion of oneself,” it attracts especially those who seek a healthy relation. Another site of German origin stands out for the matchmaking of people over 35: Elite Rencontre. It offers a quality customer service by checking all profiles. It is aimed more at the CSP + in search of meetings in the same social environment.